Stay away stagnation

At some point in the afternoon yesterday I started to think how it would make sense to find a house with the same quality of the place I live at now, but with two or more acres. I don’t know what spurred on the tangent, maybe thoughts that I would be happy owning the property we’re currently renting and doing it my way. I was also thinking about how I wished I had my own room. Technically the place we’re in has enough rooms that one could be mine, but it’s more like shared living space and shared office space; like I said to Mary, “I want to have desks cluttered with stuff, each for their own hobby.” On of the biggest hurdles I try to smooth out in life is set up/take down times, for example I’m less likely to drive 20 minutes to the gym than I am to step out my door and go for a 12 minute run. Set up/take down times get in the way of doing the activity that I want to be doing. I’ll say something like, “I want to work out, but I’d have to drive to the gym first.” Having the activity ready when I am is ideal. Along those lines, I’d get more work done on the land if I could walk out my door and be there than if I had to drive 20 minutes to the farm. After all those thoughts and many more, I pulled up the real estate website and the first house I saw was perfect. It turned out that house was in a different location, but it’s still good. This morning Mary and I went to check out the first house I found and another one, they looked great and we’re actually going to go with an agent to see the inside of the houses in two hours!  

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