Tooth Pick Scab

Mustard green’s flowers

I’ve just received a counter offer from Mary. I think we may have come to an agreement. I know I’m gonna get flack from people about not fighting tooth and nail over every scrap, but that’s just it, there’s only scraps to fight over at this point. It’s not worth the energy because I’m happy with the outcome. Plus I want to get this all over with as quickly as possible because I’ve got a bad feeling about a storm brewing a couple months out from now. When things went sideways a couple of months ago I learned that systems I need are shut down and it actually becomes harder to make moves in a bear market. Right now could be the perfect chance to strike or else wait two more years. We’ve got a lot of ducks in a row for a smooth transition, so it will be great. I’m going to have to buy a lawn mower and I think at the same time I’m going to need to get a trailer. Oh man, I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve, I hope I’ll get what I wished for. I’m a fireball of energy, but I’ve been studying with that energy and if we go under contract I will have more of a reason to dedicate myself to it. There’s gonna be a bunch of hurry up and wait for the next couple months. Good luck to everyone out there, take care and bundle up. Don’t be hanging out at the mall just to be out of the house. Go enjoy nature, try social distancing by six miles. Oh, there could be a joke to be made around staying six feet away from your phone. All that reminds me of this one time I tried to camp at this park in South Dakota where there wasn’t any light pollution for a mile in every direction. The sight of the stars knocked me down.

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