Let me take you away

To a place where the water always flows. A beautiful waterfall surrounded by life. To the art of stone placement and pattern. There’s a variety of stone sizes to use, when to use what size is an artistic choice. I need everything to be cohesive though. Ideas have to work together or else it feels like patchwork. Maybe our style would be described as minimalist modern chic. Those rooms that are wide open with white walls, floor and sofa; with nothing else. That’s a room I’d like to have. I could have it, it would be functional too with all the smart appliances out today. The rooms can be completely barren because big brother google is always there to lend a hand. This leads me to an innovation that has me annoyed as of late. The smart garage door opener market is dominated by Amazon because of an initiative by them to deliver packages into garages safely. That makes me wonder if people will be demanding more monopolies in the future saying, “I want all my smart appliances by google!” I mean that is what I’m saying, I want everything connected without having to have a single device on hand. I can stand anywhere on my land and with a whisper could start playing Duran Duran. 

I can’t wait to see the stars out at this place. Oh boy, and I just remembered I’m going to get a telescope to track the stars. I’ve wanted a super powerful telescope for so long. I’ll be learning the patterns and using them for farming too. I guess with stronger lenses it’s part of my argument for humanity that man always wants to see what’s just over that horizon. I know everything here is good, but if I could just see over there I’d be satisfied, I promise.

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