One Per Sin Perspective


We made an offer on a house today! What an exciting time to be alive. I also went to a Target today and I felt sick the moment I walked into the store. The first thing I sea is a flood of people. I know I want no part of them, then I hear someone shouting out where a “clean” cart can be obtained. I didn’t need a cart and I’m not going to wait in line to be allowed to go shopping. Let me tell you something folks, say goodbye to brick and mortar stores now, they are officially dead. Not only is their reputation tarnished by being a public gathering place, but the experience of being in one is like the crowds of Disney World with the excitement of the DMV. Amazon’s got the game on lock with shipping everything to the home. I remember seeing something come across my desk mentioning a billion dollar deal Jeff Bezos did with the CIA. I didn’t read the article because it’s probably 90% garbage to begin with and the writer of the article probably doesn’t even know what 10% of their own writing is true. There’s another thing sailing away with physical stores: quality writing. Twitter brings about an age where people communicate in, originally, 140 characters. Sentence structure can’t remain the same as it was before, so we have journalists who get their jobs on the fact that they’re good at communicating through social media and the rest of printed word has suffered because of it. I’m not saying I’m the greatest writer, or even a good one. I’m just a guy at home, but I try. I like to sneak in clever bits with my double entendres like “see” and “sea” above. Any time lately I go to read an article, it’s like they’re not even trying and no one is proof reading it, that’s why ideas spread like wildfire.

P.S. Bezos would be stupid not to sign a deal with the CIA. I’d love to work with the CIA.

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