Can’t cling to me

We made it to the beach. The place we’re at is amazing, I really should have taken more pictures, maybe I will tomorrow. Probably not, but I’ll definitely take better photos of the water. I’m really excited to see the water tomorrow. I don’t think we’ll head out there tonight. Today was a travel day so that’s exhausting. My eyes need time to recover from staring intensely forward for hours. I love being exhausted though, and to be exhausted on vacation when you can pamper yourself in recovery is the best place for it to happen. I’m so happy with how everything is going in life right now, this is amazing. There was a birthday party of my nephew today and we had a video call with the party. That was my first video call of the event. We probably should have turned the cameras horizontal for more space. I kept thinking I was yelling. All calls should start with a sound check at different volumes to see what would work best. It’s funny, when I predicted the iPhone I thought video calling was going to be a much bigger thing. Why would people sit in traffic and travel to go see someone when they are already in your pocket? I had been counting that as a lose, but maybe I haven’t given it long enough to play out. I expect the next step of that to be similar to the video calling in Back to the Future 2. The TV would replace the phone screen on the wall and there will be a higher quality camera. Tech companies will love that, they will literally be tracking your every move. It would lead to another step in VR if a room would have multiple cameras or some way to track the body in space. Combine that with something like Stadia, people will be sitting face to face in each others houses, perhaps more like holograms.

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