Server time set to surf style

Yesterday felt like a super long day, but some how I couldn’t find the time to write. The day felt long in a good way in that we were always fulfilled. I mean, even if we were doing nothing more than listening to the wind, there was nothing we wanted. That’s sort of been the them of the vacation and maybe the take away from the crisis is that when we have time together, there’s nothing else we want. Experiencing new and exciting places is fun and I’m sure we’ll do plenty of it, but the quiet moments on this trip have truly been divine. As I looked up to soak in that last sentence, I notice a lime tree growing in front of me. I suppose it’s now my duty to take a cutting from that tree. What better souvenir(memory) to take from a trip than eating fruit from that exact location for the the rest of your life? I looked up again and spotted three more limes. There’s a life lesson, often we won’t start seeing something until it’s been proven possible. I’m not going to look for limes on every tree, but as soon as I know there are limes on the tree my subconscious starts pointing out every lime. We have to be open to the world in order to share in any of it. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a big storm some time during this trip. I’d swear I’ve written that before, probably have, I hope it rains anywhere I go. Wait until I start harvesting rain, I will essentially be making money every time it rains. Best job I could imagine would probably be getting paid to sit in the woods with my dog while it rains. Now that’s the stuff.

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