Feel that freaky fern

Baby fern phone taken with microscope

Today was interesting, I’ve been feeling a little off since yesterday. Only about two inches off, yesterday I saw a hairy baby fern frond growing so I ran inside to get my macro lens for my camera. On the way inside, my right food landed on a step and then slid out of the flip flop I was wearing. It was only slight enough to throw off my balance, so I rolled my ankle and kicked the stair. I’ll be fine, but I feel like I’m waiting for something bad to happen. That’s why I hate good things happening, like getting the house we want, now I’m waiting for something bad to happen. Well nothing bad is going to happen Chris, get out of that head space. Of course you should still be prepared and take precaution, but you’re not owed something bad every time you’re happy. Well that makes me feel a lot better. Anyway, I took the dog to the new house because I wanted to see what the dried up pond is like when it rains. I believe that it floods at times, but I was actually surprised I didn’t see any water in the creek bed. Then the dog ran around and he checked out the new digs. He pooped in the grass and I didn’t clean it up. My reasoning is I want him to come back in a couple months and he’ll smell himself and feel more comfortable. I’m not made comfortable when I smell poop, but who knows with dogs. There are some plastic poles around the land that I’ve been noticing, well today I started tugging at one and kept pulling some metal wire. I think those poles and wire were an electric fence the owner had before. I doubt I would ever use an electric fence but I will collect that metal wire and find some use for it.

Sleeping on the drive home

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