Masses miss my May material most

It’s bright and early, well not super early, but it’s still technically morning. This morning has been nice and relaxing. One of the nice effects of the crazy times has been feeling content to stay home and rest. The modern world is constantly a buzz telling us to see this and go there, but right now we think twice and decide those things weren’t a huge deal in the first place. That’s why we’re going through a massive digital restructuring. The term I’ve seen a lot of places start using is “no contact” or “contact free”. That says to me this is something a business has to do to survive in the future. I’m sure there are plenty of places that refused to create a digital presence or to do delivery because they’ve always had good foot traffic, well they’re not going to survive. That leaves a lot of room for small companies that are willing to put in the work required of the post-CVD world to take a lions share. There’s a bit of excitement in me because I could see this was desired for awhile, but people weren’t willing to go through the growing pains and sooner or later that decision devours us all. I would say our society is on a 10/20 year cycle. A big event happens every decade and that event has the power to trigger a shift where space is cleared up for the younger generation. As members of this society, those cycles are too big to fight and we can’t predict what will happen to ensure our survival. My plan is to step out of that cycle by providing for myself. If you don’t know how to get food, water, and shelter without exchanging it for money, you are at the mercy of these unpredictable waves.

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