Self Timer

I got bubble tea today, and I only had to drive six hours to get it. I also went on a walk with my dog. It’s been surprisingly hard to walk at the beach. I understand that sidewalks would take away from precious beachfront realty, but if you build a society around one thing it won’t last. It’s been a beautiful day though, finally got some hot sun. I got a little too heated when I went to spray the dog down, and he hates water, so I got scratched. I felt I got a little too rough with him, but now that I think about it he’s a dog and it was like 60F degree water, there’s no need for him to throw a fit. I like water though and he does too, I don’t know why he’s always acting afraid of it. Once we have a pool, he’s gonna have to take lessons. I really hope the pond happens in his lifetime, that would be the best. I dream about the pond all the time, I’ve got my strategy down and everything. I know I could at least plant one four foot by eight foot plot of food forest a year and over 20 years, that will have accomplished my dream. It’s insane to think I have access to this, but I don’t know why 20 years doesn’t seem daunting or long. It’s like I know once I buy this house I’m gonna blink and I’ll be 60 years old. Then what am I gonna do? Probably pick up painting again and do a couple of water lilies from the pond. Unbelievable, I’ll have all sorts of plants and wildlife, the only limit is what I can keep up with and I’ve lived a lifetime of having to wait for other people to let me run.

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