A shoe! Excuse me

A baby peach

A robin landed across the yard right now. I’m writing this from inside the green house. I suppose he’s found some food in a terra cotta water dish. Of course there isn’t food inside the water dish, there’s water and he’s taking a bath. Watching birds is beautiful, all nature in fact, probably even all everything. What makes something beautiful is taking the time to appreciate it. The days are going to feel longer, now that I’m trying to be better. I’ve been thinking lately how my wife and I are too hard on ourselves for always trying to be better. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be better and I want to be better in a lot of different ways, but when you reach a certain point you no longer have to be better. The have to makes too harsh of a master. On the other hand I often credit the have to as why I could succeed in the Army. I always ask, “Why?” and when the answer is, “Have to” then I have no other choice. I will do whatever is within my power to accomplish something if I have to do it. The struggle now is convincing myself I have to do these things. All my dreams have come true. I can make new ones, but they’re not the same as something that grew inside of me for decades. Plants are a lot of fun though, and some advice I’ve gotten recently was, “Have fun.” I’m going to have so much fun at the new place, that garage and workshop are so awesome I almost cursed. All the books I ordered are coming in and they’re giving me ideas for smaller projects that will teach me while being a lot of fun. Watch as this all unfolds, it’s gonna be massive.

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