I call it monk mode

It’s late so I have to hurry. I wasn’t going to write this because I’m tired, I was sort of on vacation, and I spent all day driving. I have a number of reasons not to do it, but the reason I’m here is because writing this is healthy for me. That’s the same reason I weighed myself a moment ago. I’m gaining weight and have to intervene. The farm will be good for me, but will break me if I’m not ready. It’s very likely that I’ll own land next month, so now that vacation is over I have to be preparing as much as I can for the day I can start working. It’s still mostly waiting, but good news is waiting is the perfect activity for a guy who hasn’t eaten enough. I’ve got to be dieting. I’ve lost weight before and I can do it again, but it’s got to be done with intention. I doubt I’ll be perfect with my diet, but progress is all I’m after. Every right decision I make will bring me closer to my goal and I’m not forced to make wrong decisions. I make wrong decisions through weakness of will. I have to know what I’m after and how I’m going to get it. I’ll prepare the road map as best I can, Mary give me strength to stay committed. I will do this. If I fall, I fall forward. Even if I have to sit here typing compliments to myself all, I have the strength to accomplish any goal. I know what I want, to lose weight and to learn how to build houses. Everything else will only be in the way of accomplishing my goal, so I can’t lose sight of what I want.

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