Goodnight Glinda

I buried a friend today, it was the spider in the picture above. I first encountered her in the garden building a web where the hummingbird feeder hangs. I decided to take some pictures like I have been doing for a lot of different bugs whenever I get a chance. One thing I remember about the photo shoot was her doing a little move of a single leg to where it looked like she was pointing. The picture I got of her pointing was too blurry unfortunately. She was a good spider and there may be many more like her on the way because her butt looked deflated, signalling to me that she laid eggs. I found her on the top portion of my hummingbird feeder next to a small fly, a last meal perhaps? I dug up a little dirt and moved the bodies with some sticks. It was a small ceremony, only birds and bees showed up, but the singing was lovely. 

I heard the U.S. unemployment went up significantly again. That gave me the feeling that now is the time to buy some crypto. I almost bought recently, but my gut said no. I’ve been able to ride the wave of Bitcoin and Etherium before, so this is fair warning to anyone that might be reading this. A name that came into the ring when the crypto bubble burst was Ripple(XRP) and since they were still popping up and selling for so cheap, I could see them being a significant name in the future. Right now I’m being cautious and wanting to track these coins for a couple months, but I want to be prepared for a sudden drop because in conversation I said, “Are we in a depression yet?” That’s when it hit me that these things don’t happen suddenly. A sink hole doesn’t appear, it’s waiting for something to tip the balance. A single piece of straw doesn’t break the camels back.

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