Hello Yellow

In the video game series Final Fantasy there was a coloring system for magicians. White “mages” would do white magic, maybe a spell idea would be blizzard. They could also be priests and their type of magic would be especially effective against skeletons. You might be wondering about healing spells, well that would be exclusively for the red mage. Actually I think all magicians would get the base level of healing, but beyond that only the red mage could do serious healing. I like the visual of red mages and can see the connection between the red cross on a white background. After that was black magic and those were the heavy duty damage spells like lightning and fireball. There might even have been a green mage who focuses in nature based magic. That was a character in The Hobbit who would be a green mage. I like to think of colors telling a deeper story about what a person is capable of. I’m always wearing blue and it’s actually a thing I’ve fought against most of my life because my first thought is that I like blue because around the time of my childhood, blue means boy. I like to fight against that sort of cultural programing, so I say no I’ll wear this beautiful Yellow or the most fantastic dragon on my shirt to say this is me and not just, blue means boy. I keep going back to blue though, so blah. I really do like all colors though and I will say that I’m more so attracted to the colors red, white, and blue. Blue just happens to be the most popular color for products. I’d rather define myself as an American than as a boy. I think I do have a choice in being an American, but all of this is self exploration. Today I learned two things about myself, I’m an American and a boy. Really putting that college education to use.

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