Here’s the scoop on truth, it’s bull poop

I’ve got a lot to straightening out to do in my head today. I felt sad yesterday and now I have have information to sort, it’s as though I go through cycles too. Perhaps it would be nice to have a period because I can track monthly cycles. A guy doesn’t have something as obvious as blood, but I could still be going through hormonal shifts. I’ll start tracking the moon and save myself a lot of hassle. Basically the only real conclusion I’ve come to is that people need to ignore anything that would be classified as media. Well that’s not even true because here are the two sides I have, I don’t want to be exposed to media because it will make me believe something, or there is no escaping “media” so you should do what makes you happy. That’s right and I stand by it, people should do what makes them happy and I’ve always said ignorance is bliss. I could see how a person like me, when they’re senial, could take the saying “ignorance is bliss” and think they should perform a DIY lobotomy. 

I was going through a box of old stuff today. The stuff in question was my electronics/arduino phase and my sewing phase. It makes me feel like something is wrong with me that I want to know how to do everything. I think it relates to being paranoid, I won’t feel comfortable until I’ve got everything around me figured out. Seeing it is the first step to fixing it, at the same time I’m gonna buy a house and start building fences. A good fence brings a lot of comfort and just wait until I put in a gate at the far end of the driveway. Nobody is going to come within 300 meters of my house without me knowing, and I’ll have you know I’m a qualified expert with a carbine at 300 meters.

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