Praise Gilgamesh

Today was the death of my podcast. There has been a problem with the last two episodes I’ve tried to record and the files disappear. That’s enough of a sign for me to be done with it. The podcast worked out to provide us with Christfest IV, so it served its purposed. I’ve got soContinue reading “Praise Gilgamesh”

Here’s the scoop on truth, it’s bull poop

I’ve got a lot to straightening out to do in my head today. I felt sad yesterday and now I have have information to sort, it’s as though I go through cycles too. Perhaps it would be nice to have a period because I can track monthly cycles. A guy doesn’t have something as obviousContinue reading “Here’s the scoop on truth, it’s bull poop”

Fuel Feels Full

You’re not ready for this one. Take a breath and make sure you’re ready first. I finished my coffee with that time. I was thinking about a memory of mine. I couldn’t have been older than nine years old, I was saying to my self that I was living off of the comforts of someoneContinue reading “Fuel Feels Full”