Clone a bone

I’m invoking the muses on this one, so watch out. My first thought is to take the writing in the direction of artistically describing something beautiful, similar to poetry, but to be honest I know that’s no my strength. There’s a person who likes my blog posts occasionally with a name like, “needlessly overthinking”, and that is my strength. I’m sorry if I incorrectly remembered that name, remembering names is also a weakness of mine. I could be given a 50 character long string to remember and it wouldn’t be too difficult, but introduce me to someone at a party and quiz me on their name at the end of the night, I will fail every time. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve had to write someone off completely because I’m not going to ask for their name again. A nice part of getting older is learning what your strengths are and accepting you can’t be good at everything. I was telling Mary yesterday that eight time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, is a failed accountant. Some of my fondest memories are sitting in the university computer lab at night, crunching away numbers for my accounting homework. I got to where I could do all my calculations on the number pad of a key board without looking away from the screen. I would get some serious speed sorting assets and debts, it’s actually no different than me doing super fast Eminem raps. I mean it feels like I’m using the same parts of my brain. Although there was an added feeling of my fingers, which is similar to typing when you don’t need to look at the keyboard. I was better with the number pad than I was with a keyboard because I never bothered to learn the entire keyboard until I starting coding.

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