Clone a bone

I’m invoking the muses on this one, so watch out. My first thought is to take the writing in the direction of artistically describing something beautiful, similar to poetry, but to be honest I know that’s no my strength. There’s a person who likes my blog posts occasionally with a name like, “needlessly overthinking”, andContinue reading “Clone a bone”

Poodles Ponder Puddles partly past prime

I’ll make this pledge to you Mary. I’m going to sketch out and understand the final versions of the buildings I would like to put on my land. I will also lay out a plan for what I would do with the land. I’m going to assume I have two acres because realistically that’s allContinue reading “Poodles Ponder Puddles partly past prime”

More on morons

Mary helped come up with that title. Today has started as an amazing day. First off I slept like a rock and woke up a little after 7:00 AM from my dog crying to be let out. We got to sleep in because my wife usually has surgeries today, but didn’t have any scheduled. AfterContinue reading “More on morons”

No one told me there’d be paperwork

I’m getting an urgent message from the presses write now. Wait, hold on, it’s coming through morse code so it’ll be awhile and we’ll have to send it over to the boys who are blue. That sad bois are always the best cryptographers. Today is a leap day! This is madness, and to only findContinue reading “No one told me there’d be paperwork”