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Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, I started exercising again and I know from experience that my energy has to be put into making sure I don’t crash. There was even a moment yesterday well after I had finished exercising and that’s the thing, your body has a reaction outside of the time you spend exercising. The moment was one of circling the drain, my body temperature was rising, my mind was recklessly active and I had energy. I was able recognize that this is what my wife and I call in my dog, “fake energy”. If I had used that energy, I probably would have had a migraine and spent the last several hours of the day laying in bed with my eyes closed. Instead I’ve learned from my mistakes, or at least yesterday I demonstrated that, I went into my room and took 15 minutes to lay down for a reset. Seinfeld is a practitioner of some sort of intermediate meditation, I think it’s essentially laying down for 10-15 minutes a couple times a day to relax and reset. From the moment I wake up until I fall asleep, my brain is revving. Add in learning plumbing, electrical, philosophy, and exercise, and my brain demands more. “This second isn’t filled” it says, so it finds a new problem to solve, but the brain is a machine and it needs to rest. Sure sleep is necessary, but you know you’re headed for trouble if the only time you rest is to sleep. I wish I could do those little bits of meditation more regularly, but I get caught up in the illusion of time; I must make every second count. Even thinking about it now, I’m not going to plan time to relax because I have a repulsive reaction to it. What to do with a Chris brain?

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