100 Follower Special

I need to say thank you, to anyone who reads this, I think you’re really cool. Yesterday my blog got 100 followers. That is a milestone, not that I know what it means, but it’s like I woke up in the passenger side of a car and saw the mile marker for 99.6 I’m going to keep an eye out for 100. I wanted to recognize it because it’s something to wrap my head around. Presumably real people are clicking the follow button, that means they read something I wrote and decide they would like to see more. That’s insane, thank you for your attention, I’ll try to never waste it. As you’ll see below though I like to build patterns to what I’m saying on different levels so they weave together. If it’s unclear what I’m saying, I can understand if that’s frustrating. I think I’m a pretty talented guy though, and what I do I do it well, so as long as my intention is to create something of quality and value I believe it will happen. The future though, so obviously there’s the craziness of the house, but I’m a glutton for punishment and when the going gets tough the tough get going. I’m going to try and spread this content out across other platforms. If you haven’t already, you should check out my instagram. I’ve cleaned things up a lot and it’s mostly pictures of what I’m growing and my dog. They’re from the same batch of pictures I post with my morning pages, but I’ve been posting three pictures a day there because I can’t get them out fast enough here. I kind of want to start a podcast. My only idea for it is to sit down in a chair and talk for an hour. I don’t think I would prepare anything for it, but you can see what my stream of consciousness is like for an hour. There’s a ton to figure out, but I wanted to recognize the milestone and would like to put more effort into growing what I’ve got.

Let the spice flow

This is gonna be a good one, I can feel it. I’m sorry for all those who don’t like my “good ones”, they’re usually off the wall because there’s no foundation. See what I did there? I’m going to show you what I see with my inner eye. It’s starts with the infinite, as with all things the beginning is the end. My dad would call me his blue baby because in the womb the umbilical cord had wrapped around my baby neck. He jokes that I was playing jump rope in there. My mom had a C(for chris)-section, but I remember being told I was supposed to be born on 4th of July, so I was a little late. I was almost a Yankee-doodle-dandy, but got caught up rapping. I wonder if I have to go back and explain that sentence. I want to say that anyone that reads me can catch it. Yankee-doodle-dandy is someone born on 4th of July, but there are also connections to my aspirations in the military and how I like to decorate in Red, White and Blue. (notice there’s no comma after “White” because that’s an Oxford comma and I’m all about American punctuation), so I feel like I missed that dream and it’s a part of my character. Why I missed the dream was because I got “caught up” meaning wrapped in my umbilical cord and that in life I got distracted by things associated with rap(sex, drugs and money) while referencing “wrapped around my baby neck.” with “rapping”. That’s one sentence, that’s where I’m at. If you’re not there, then I’ll show you how.

P.S. You should share my website with someone that is cool.

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