Praise Gilgamesh

Today was the death of my podcast. There has been a problem with the last two episodes I’ve tried to record and the files disappear. That’s enough of a sign for me to be done with it. The podcast worked out to provide us with Christfest IV, so it served its purposed. I’ve got soContinue reading “Praise Gilgamesh”

Aye Brah, go Ham

Oh boi, 4th of July 2020. What can you say? Well I’ll start by saying I think America is awesome. As Rousseau pointed out, the origin of inequality was when one man staked out a square of land for himself and everyone believed it. Of course a person who lives, as Jefferson put it, threeContinue reading “Aye Brah, go Ham”

Almighty culminating in an M-80

It’s around lunch time now, I don’t know how I forgot to write this earlier. I ran yesterday and maybe dieted a little low on calories, so I’m feeling pretty low on energy today. I also had a bad night’s sleep, it was the sort of sleep I get when I don’t eat enough. IContinue reading “Almighty culminating in an M-80”

Sat on me clue for key

This is the story of how one man became a king. He sought his own kingdom, one that refused boundaries drawn by other men. Everything created by man will turn to dust, but we’re all gifted with a spirit. This character we portray and don’t want to act in opposition to. What would happen ifContinue reading “Sat on me clue for key”

Good Beef Water

(Well, well, well) Today’s already been a pretty good day and it isn’t even lunch time yet. That’s what happens when I eat a proper breakfast. I got a bunch of reading done in my home building book, and I finished the chapter on framing a roof. Next I can learn how to finish aContinue reading “Good Beef Water”

Take time off till 10 hundred

This morning felt like I was hit by allergies hard because after breakfast I had to go back to bed. I knew I needed good sleep too, because usually for a nap I don’t put my mask and nose plugs in, but this morning I did. Yesterday was a really good day for Chris, shootContinue reading “Take time off till 10 hundred”

Very Therapeutic

Mein, rough day on the farm. I spotted some birds beginning to nest on our rafters. Every year we can expect this nest to build a couple inches taller. Looks like today’s bachelors are deciding their fate. It’s beautiful to watch chicks grow on our front porch(enter Mathew Mcconaughey meme here). I try to teachContinue reading “Very Therapeutic”

Buoyant Air

Sorry I left you hanging there morning pages. I told you I was going to see my Army bois and there was just no telling what could have happened. First I have some house cleaning to do. I like writing this as if I’m speaking to a person so I said morning pages, that’s awkwardContinue reading “Buoyant Air”

My half full glass overfloweth

Another day, another plate of eggs. For record keeping, my scheduled breakfast is 85g of brussel sprouts, three eggs with four slices of ham and 28g of cheese, then a banana for dessert. I might be hanging out with some Army buddies tomorrow. In Iraq Johnston slept on the right side of me and KentContinue reading “My half full glass overfloweth”

The best part about me is I am not you

I try to stay humble because there’s no room for growth when you think things are as good as they can get, but I watched Good Will Hunting again recently and there’s a part when Matt Damon’s character says to Ben Affleck’s that he wants to be doing the same thing in 20 years. BenContinue reading “The best part about me is I am not you”