Aye Brah, go Ham

Oh boi, 4th of July 2020. What can you say? Well I’ll start by saying I think America is awesome. As Rousseau pointed out, the origin of inequality was when one man staked out a square of land for himself and everyone believed it. Of course a person who lives, as Jefferson put it, threeContinue reading “Aye Brah, go Ham”

Brick and mortars are being bricked and mortared

We heard from the appraiser for the new place yesterday. Everything is looking good and we’re pretty much done, only need a few more signatures. First, owning a place is huge to me, even if I only owned a patch of dirt. I would be happy if I was only buying the dried up pondContinue reading “Brick and mortars are being bricked and mortared”

Hello Yellow

In the video game series Final Fantasy there was a coloring system for magicians. White “mages” would do white magic, maybe a spell idea would be blizzard. They could also be priests and their type of magic would be especially effective against skeletons. You might be wondering about healing spells, well that would be exclusivelyContinue reading “Hello Yellow”