Doc tore me dissing

I’m about to start packing, this is it, the beginning of a new age. My mind is racing, screaming and scheming. This has to go into that, but make sure to wrap it with those. Pick up thing, put it down elsewhere, it’s no more complicated than that. I’m going to try and get asContinue reading “Doc tore me dissing”

100 Follower Special

I need to say thank you, to anyone who reads this, I think you’re really cool. Yesterday my blog got 100 followers. That is a milestone, not that I know what it means, but it’s like I woke up in the passenger side of a car and saw the mile marker for 99.6 I’m goingContinue reading “100 Follower Special”

Follow a frog for grog

I’ve got one shot to do this, fingers don’t fail me now. Today has been pretty cool, the sunflower that’s growing in my front yard opened for the first time. It’s got a beautiful color that I wasn’t expecting, I don’t know if it will last. I get so excited watching plants grow, it’s moreContinue reading “Follow a frog for grog”

Book Worm

Skating in at the end of the wire today. I’ve felt really tired today so I’ve spent most of the day watching this 24 hour livestream a guy did on twitch of him playing video games. I don’t know why resting makes me feel so bad. Probably because I still need to take care ofContinue reading “Book Worm”

Hello Yellow

In the video game series Final Fantasy there was a coloring system for magicians. White “mages” would do white magic, maybe a spell idea would be blizzard. They could also be priests and their type of magic would be especially effective against skeletons. You might be wondering about healing spells, well that would be exclusivelyContinue reading “Hello Yellow”

So blah for slasa

We sold the car! Yesterday I got a new battery for the car and today we took it to some big box store and they bought it. We were offered more than we were expecting, so it was nice and easy. I’m extremely grateful for living a life that constantly makes me happy. The moneyContinue reading “So blah for slasa”

Take back the fat stacks

This morning has been pretty good. I got all of my chores out of the way early. I mowed the lawn, walked the dog, and even emptied the fridge of all the expired food. Today I separated more cuttings from my fiddle leaf because I want it to be a long slender tree, so allContinue reading “Take back the fat stacks”

Hear Clear Space

We just returned from another visit to the house we’re interested in. It still looks pretty good, we only saw the outside I feel better about it now that we’ve taken time to slowly walk around and look. Our vision leaves out so much information that our brains normally think isn’t important, like an electricalContinue reading “Hear Clear Space”

Mess up your makeup

We’ve made it through another day. I was feeling pretty low yesterday and nothing really got accomplished. Maybe the days are feeling like they lag because we’re in the middle of the month. Right now an edge to grab onto is only getting further away. I’m going to put an effort into reading more. ItContinue reading “Mess up your makeup”

Decidedly Delicious Dedication

I started restricting my calories this week, so I feel low energy. My goal is to follow my diet for three days in a row, which I can accomplish today. With how I’m feeling now, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stick to my diet, but I’m trying. My success overContinue reading “Decidedly Delicious Dedication”