Life’s little leaks

The move is looking better today. When it comes to moving I only sweat the small stuff and at this point it’s all small stuff. Millions of little trinkets and do-dads that I don’t know why I ever bought them, I think of myself as a minimalist and maybe why I don’t like having stuff because of how much I hate having to move it. If everything thing I own could fit on my back, I’d be A OK with that. As the move winds down at the old place, I’m able to wind things up at the new one. When I let the dog out today, I spent some time picking weeds around the house. I want to eventually dig up all the plants around the house anyway, but in the meantime I can keep it pretty. My thinking is I don’t want an energetic tree to punch a root through my foundation. Pulling weeds also keeps me in that habit, I have to pull weeds everywhere I go on the property all the time because weeds never stop until they’ve been snuffed out. I suppose I can dig them up, but that’s just more sophisticated weed pulling. It’s a fun task though because there’s a sense of accomplishment at the end and when I look back, the area looks prettier than when I started. The time will come for trees though, I almost stopped at the plant nursery today to see if they still had this one willow tree on clearance. I probably will buy it online because I can get an older tree for cheaper, delivered straight to my house. A willow tree will be the focal point of the pond one day. I also met my first neighbor, well he lives four mailboxes down so I can’t even see the property, but he wanted to help in bringing the pond back to life. 

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