Too sober for a red clover

I met another neighbor, these were the neighbors the last guy I met warned me about. They seem nice enough and it sounded like the previous owners gave them a pretty hard time. I don’t like to judge someone based on their worst behavior, even when I see videos of a person shouting racial slurs at minimum wage employees I feel bad for everyone involved. It is a very rare case that that person says those things normally, now they have to deal with their mental break being shared all over the internet. People dumb, they make mistakes and often the court of public opinion thinks everyone always does the right thing, even though the judges are equally flawed. All that said, the neighbors were telling me the previous owners had dozens of animals on this two acre lot. They’d come home to see another dead animal in the yard and judging by what I see inside the house, I’m not surprised. My take is the previous owners had very ambitious ideas, but weren’t patient enough to have them done right. I can understand that. It’s taken 30 years of bashing my head against a wall to realize gently rubbing my head against the wall is less painful, still I do the occasional bashing to feel alive inside. Things are looking up, I’ve got a sleepy pup in my lap and have voice controlled music. I hear his relaxing groan and know everything is gonna be alright. I’m sure all the neighbors will be pleasant because I’m going to follow the rules or change the rules through the proper channels because I’m just a suitor of the land. I’d like to make things beautiful and prefer the work I do is able to stick around for as long as possible with little to no maintenance.

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