Praise Gilgamesh

Today was the death of my podcast. There has been a problem with the last two episodes I’ve tried to record and the files disappear. That’s enough of a sign for me to be done with it. The podcast worked out to provide us with Christfest IV, so it served its purposed. I’ve got soContinue reading “Praise Gilgamesh”

For fear of fowl I fight the howl

I have the most beautiful view from where my desk is now. All my life I’ve never had a pretty view from where I work. I suppose that’s why I focus on beautiful things so much now. I learned a long time ago that any argument can go back and forth forever, so if IContinue reading “For fear of fowl I fight the howl”

Tulips Today, Mulch Tomorrow

We’re pattern recognizing machines(PRMs). I suppose the most in vogue direction to take that is that an ability to see patterns allowed us to recognize and remember what plants will kill us and which make us feel good. There have also been some stories about the plants that make us feel real good. In theContinue reading “Tulips Today, Mulch Tomorrow”

Serenity in Troubled Waters

The veil is lifted and what is seen? Fortune and fury. We bury the dead and cheer the child for walking. For what can a child do but follow in the footsteps of their elders? My footsteps will lead to Humbaba. When Baba is you Barbara Ann is too. Shakespeare wrote so well, it’s hardlyContinue reading “Serenity in Troubled Waters”