Stuttered on the studded

Finally I can unhinge my bones. Taking the day off on Sundays is rejuvenating. I also had to take Saturday off from the podcast because the house we’re currently in isn’t big enough to do audio only entertainment while people are home. That’s fine, I usually need to take more time to rest than IContinue reading “Stuttered on the studded”

Unpoppable thought bubble

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, I started exercising again and I know from experience that my energy has to be put into making sure I don’t crash. There was even a moment yesterday well after I had finished exercising and that’s the thing, your body has a reaction outside of the time you spend exercising.Continue reading “Unpoppable thought bubble”

Pretty Pair of Peaches

This morning is feeling pretty good. I’ve been working with this anti snoring device I got, they’re tubes that go in my nostrils to allow for more air to pass. I don’t really snore, but I don’t get enough air by breathing through my nose so when I sleep my mouth opens up. The antiContinue reading “Pretty Pair of Peaches”

Decidedly Delicious Dedication

I started restricting my calories this week, so I feel low energy. My goal is to follow my diet for three days in a row, which I can accomplish today. With how I’m feeling now, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stick to my diet, but I’m trying. My success overContinue reading “Decidedly Delicious Dedication”

A Cute Cupcake

I’m tired. Gotta get my head straight. Vegetables and exercise would be nice, but who has the time for that. Not the time, but rather the motivation. I’m surviving today so I can survive tomorrow, can’t wait. I guess today is just meant to feel like a rough day, what can I do? I supposeContinue reading “A Cute Cupcake”