Cloning Clowns for Cool Coal

We made it, the last day of February, boi it felt like this month dragged on. For a little while I thought the month was going to go on forever, but we can put this one in the books, “February 2020: Complete” Now on to bigger and brighter futures. I drew today. I drew aContinue reading “Cloning Clowns for Cool Coal”

Serenity in Troubled Waters

The veil is lifted and what is seen? Fortune and fury. We bury the dead and cheer the child for walking. For what can a child do but follow in the footsteps of their elders? My footsteps will lead to Humbaba. When Baba is you Barbara Ann is too. Shakespeare wrote so well, it’s hardlyContinue reading “Serenity in Troubled Waters”

McDonald’s is great

I was talking to my old friend Thunderclap today and boi did he let the truth fly. Get this, he told me that professional philosophers are rarely if ever significant philosophers. I’m sure there’s some sort of grey line and what comes to mind is the idea that often philosophers will have a preface toContinue reading “McDonald’s is great”