Let Jimmy Take Over

The start of a new week, there’s potential for anything to happen. Well it’s more like the opposite of potential, I know what needs to get done and by the end of the week I hope to have brought those tasks to null. I’ve moved on to moving over my garden. Hopefully it’s not tooContinue reading “Let Jimmy Take Over”

A Cow’s Ability

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, do you know what that means? I’m not totally sure, maybe I’ll watch a YouTube video on it tomorrow. I’m sure Ash Wednesday will be trending, kids love putting dirt on their faces. I’ll tell you what it means to me, Lent begins tomorrow. I think Lent represents the time MosesContinue reading “A Cow’s Ability”

To the dreams you’ve been waiting for

Welcome back Chris, we’ve been waiting for you. Tell us more of your secrets. I need a compelling story and the only way you’ll be a good character is to have more depth. Then you’ll be replaced with a robot version… nah this whole line of thought is trash. I liked the idea of myContinue reading “To the dreams you’ve been waiting for”