Very Therapeutic

Mein, rough day on the farm. I spotted some birds beginning to nest on our rafters. Every year we can expect this nest to build a couple inches taller. Looks like today’s bachelors are deciding their fate. It’s beautiful to watch chicks grow on our front porch(enter Mathew Mcconaughey meme here). I try to teachContinue reading “Very Therapeutic”

A Cow’s Ability

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, do you know what that means? I’m not totally sure, maybe I’ll watch a YouTube video on it tomorrow. I’m sure Ash Wednesday will be trending, kids love putting dirt on their faces. I’ll tell you what it means to me, Lent begins tomorrow. I think Lent represents the time MosesContinue reading “A Cow’s Ability”

Spring is Coming

I’m feeling good right now. I went to therapy today so that was an achievement. I was spitting fire there too. We watched a video and when the teacher was talking about it wondered what year it was made, I was on it. “2015” I said with all the authority of the world. I watchedContinue reading “Spring is Coming”