Who will be at the helm when the winds shift?

Dog watching the rain

I took things easy the last two days and will probably stay easy over the weekend because I was starting to get overwhelmed with everything I have going on. I was still looking to add more before this feeling took hold of me, so it’s good that I was able to have this break otherwise I could have kept going and increased the pace, putting myself into a dangerous situation. I’m back into a good situation now, but it means I need to look around myself at what happened. Whatever I was doing didn’t work, at least for the version of me that I am right now, so I have to first figure out what I was doing, then I can ask why it didn’t work. My first answer is that I was adding too much, that’s very common of me and almost always the cause of a setback. I had lost focus on what I was doing and that led me to take on new objectives.

I was trying to think of an example and was taught why The Odyssey is so important. He has a goal and the story isn’t about the destination, but the journey. Anyway the example from The Odyssey, and I don’t know the text very well, but I believe there is a part where he lands on an island filled with beautiful women. The men are invited in to clean up and feast. They’re having so much fun that years go by and they’ve completely forgot about what they were doing in the first place, that was part of their magical spell. The parallel I’m trying to draw is that I forgot what I was doing, so I started doing other things too. I need to draw. I repeat that to myself and I made it simple so I can remember, but I still forget. It goes to show how easily we can fall asleep at the wheel. I will work to lighten the load and maintain focus on art.

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