A Piece of Myself

Lot of 2’s in today’s date. Speaking of which, 2 things I learned from BEN(Boss Executive Neighbor) today was that I need to pay attention to the big picture values and the other was that I should be spending more time learning from him. Ok so I showed him my most recent painting and he showed me a painting he did of me. First off, when I arrived he had me planting bulbs and it had just started to rain, so dream job. His critique of my painting was that the values were all the same. My first thought was the values of the inside of the flower that shows the curvature because I struggled with that, but he meant with the whole thing, everything that was in relation to everything else. I’m getting lost in the details thinking about local values and not checking the effect on the other parts. I’m having to describe a good painting vs. a bad painting using only words, but he’s totally right and when I look at my work it suffers from that. You’d think I’d take his offer for free painting lessons right there, but no I told him I’ll think about it. I’ve got everything covered on my own right? What a duffus, we’re pretty honest with our speech and while working I asked what he thinks my flaws are. When we were talking afterwards he flat out told me that’s a flaw. I’m thinking that I want to improve at art and he’s having to convince me to take free advice. In my head I justify going to his house by saying I can miss out on drawing for 1 day every two weeks, but instead I should be thinking that I could be getting free art lessons as often as I want. I’ll probably take him up on his offer, but I’ll get back to him next week.

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