Oof, that took a turn

You can’t tell me what to do, I’ll fly where I want to. There’s nothing to talk about, I’ve exhausted ever single combination possible to make with words, these are the last sentences on earth. I always said I would like my last words to be, “bury me alive.” That way either we’ll already have that business taken care of or everyone around me will feel like they let me down by not fulfilling my last wish. If this was the last sentence of humanity and some how only one sentence could tell our story I think I would say, “We were explorers.” There was no word count so I should have gone with a run on sentence. That’s my point though, if all this came down to one sentence, what would it even be? All that thinking just leads to nihilism, so I have to stop there. Nihilism sucks kids, don’t mess with it, not even once. Honestly the position I take nowadays is that pure reason leads to nihilism. If The Scientific Method became a being and was trying to make rules for us to follow, it would get no where. A very important idea people glance over was Karl Popper showed that science doesn’t prove things. All we can do is disprove theories. In all of our time on earth, not a single thing has been proven. That’s the sort of idea that makes you want to hide under your blanket and cry for God to save you. Good thing I love my wife, what else would be the point. Without her I might move to the woods and explore painting for awhile, but I’d probably stop taking care of myself. Maybe I’ll get type II diabetes and die from a disease she used to cure. That probably won’t happen tomorrow though.

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