Follow a frog for grog

I’ve got one shot to do this, fingers don’t fail me now. Today has been pretty cool, the sunflower that’s growing in my front yard opened for the first time. It’s got a beautiful color that I wasn’t expecting, I don’t know if it will last. I get so excited watching plants grow, it’s moreContinue reading “Follow a frog for grog”

Oof, that took a turn

You can’t tell me what to do, I’ll fly where I want to. There’s nothing to talk about, I’ve exhausted ever single combination possible to make with words, these are the last sentences on earth. I always said I would like my last words to be, “bury me alive.” That way either we’ll already haveContinue reading “Oof, that took a turn”

There has probably never been a human as brilliant as I

I’m writing this with music in my ears, so I thought my train of thought might be a bit sporadic. I then realized, that’s every time I write. The music is Bach’s mass in B minor. It’s honestly wild that this sort of stuff exists and that it’s no longer the height of culture. IContinue reading “There has probably never been a human as brilliant as I”

Why was sending monkeys into space ok

Hey today is 1/20/2020, if only we had 20 months in a year, I’d finally get around to finishing my memoirs. I’ll tell you a little about my day, I went to the grocery store and then drove through downtown and felt ancient. There were kids everywhere, I couldn’t figure out what was happening andContinue reading “Why was sending monkeys into space ok”