That cloud looks like a bluejay

I’m afraid this morning page has a bit of a prompt, I wanted to write about how much I love my wife and was thinking that it would be fun to go through Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs as jumping off points for what she gives me. I do worry though that maybe I love her too much. That sounds like a joke, but what I mean is an idea that I shower her with the sort of love that we see in movies because my judgement of her is she likes that sort of stuff, so I want to give her what she wants. Here I’m giving her a love she wants. If what she liked was spiked necklaces, black lip stick and really baggy pants, I would do that stuff to make her happy. I mostly like making her happy, but if she was into that stuff, I probably wouldn’t care about her enough to go through much effort to make her happy. The idea is I shower her with stereotypical love and she feels bad for not reciprocating that. The thing is I don’t like stereotypical love, I like leave me alone love. She’s planned tomorrow to do a bunch of stuff I’d like to do, or at least a museum is scheduled and that’s enough to please me for a day. I got her flowers today which yeah people think that’s cute, but she could care less about flowers as a material object. She cares about the meaning and I’ll get the material object. Well I guess I didn’t have time for ole’ Maslow, maybe I’ll cover it tomorrow or next V-day. I just had a thought that I can safely bring my laptop with me tomorrow because she gave me a sleeve with Calvin and Hobbes on it. Very smart, very cool; just like my wife.

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