Every Word Counts

The flowers were scratch and sniff

All kidding aside, I’m trying to be grown up about this. Serious solutions surrender themselves to soldiers of salvation. When the sun reaches it peak, it’s job is only half done. Day is only half of a day, and night has its own beauties. A tree will grow in the night or day according to the temperament the fruit. Amide waxing and waning of the earth, we revolve around the sun. There are lands that receive too little light, while others burn from over exposure. Still the trials continue. Mountaineers build motivation beyond movement by making beautiful magma boil mankind beyond material beliefs. Focus and effort do the body well. “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” A parable we’d all recognize as true on some level, yet do we make use of our best gifts so we may hold onto them? 

If I’m ever complimented, it is from a stranger because to know one’s self is to know what one could be. This world is not Edan and cities should not be defined by where they put their walls. Knowledge hurts, growth hurts, we accept it with weight lifting, it should be just as obvious with the brain. To know one is not actively trying to be better is painful knowledge, but its better to go through the work of jarring fruit so one may eat through the winter. When the roster crows it’s third time, to whom do we pledge our allegiance. There is good in this world as long as there is evil. All metals tarnish with age, but polishing can bring back the sheen. People will believe lead is gold so they won’t have to perform routine maintenance, but the stomach of a human cannot survive on a diet of lead. If you understood this, you don’t need me.

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