Life’s Knot Fare

I don’t want to be a downer or sound like I’m complaining, especially after what I said yesterday. To be clear I love life, being alive is one of my top 10 favorite activities. I stop to smell the roses, I dance when I hear a catchy tune, but that doesn’t mean there’s an easy street in life. Our experiences are better described by the Yin and Yang symbol. I went for my run today and it was hard. That’s probably not a surprising statement to many, exercise is hard for a reason; it’s good for you. The things that are good for the body and those that are enjoyable seldom overlap. That means if you want to stay alive, you have to work for it. What an awful trade, I didn’t ask to be in this situation and now I’m placed in an eternal struggle if I want to remain. The alternative is a frightening unknown. The Buddha says desire is the root of all suffering. I desire to live forever and have nothing bad happen all without any work, that is not a decision that is under my control and for as long as I fight reality, I will suffer. I’m a fan of Buddhist philosophies, but I feel fully embracing them makes a weak person. It’s a path to being one with the universe, but that’s it. It’s up to the individual if that’s what they’re after, but you know if you’re after something then you’ve got a desire and I don’t have to tell you what the Buddhist say about desires. When I say “weak person”, it’s a complicated meaning because if a person lives in Nirvana then they can’t be hurt, nothing weak about that. I want to then say, “but their Nirvana is limited only to the universe.” What does that mean, you can’t get bigger than the universe. Well they’re apart of the universe, they can’t manipulate it. That’s part of what I’d mean by a strong person. These days it’s trendy to hate on people who manipulate the world around them, but try living without the manipulation of agriculture, water filtration, oil refining, and electricity; all of which came about by the manipulation of people into adopting new beliefs. The people who figured those out bent the world to their will and should be seen as heroes. The universe doesn’t care about individuals, so people have to be strong to make a difference.

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