Cloning Clowns for Cool Coal

Puppy jowl

We made it, the last day of February, boi it felt like this month dragged on. For a little while I thought the month was going to go on forever, but we can put this one in the books, “February 2020: Complete” Now on to bigger and brighter futures. I drew today. I drew a little yesterday, but it wasn’t up to my standards. I like to make impossible standards, so I can have something “factual” to point to and say, “See, you’re a failure, you failed at this thing”. Today I competed slightly less impossible standards than I had previously set for myself. I do a certain amount of time of drawing and I changed the way in which I’m tracking time to be more realistic for how people time work. If you worked a job where you had to clock out every time you went to the bathroom, you’d quit. I knew that was a silly thing for awhile and didn’t tell people because I was embarrassed by acting that silly. Anyway, the daily drawing was complete, so my heart can sleep easy. This weekend I hope to work on a self portrait that I’m wanting to send home. I’m not making any promises to myself, it’s just something that I would like to do with long hair and I’m cutting it next week. If I’m going to do it, it’s got to be now. Things are going really well, been feeding my mind with all sorts of new ideas. Mostly through books, read a little Shakespeare, Don Quixote, Kierkegaard, and always Nietzsche. I’m going to try listening to more music. I’ve got a book 1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die that I’d like to work through. There’s a music theory class on Stanford’s YouTube channel that I’d recommend to everyone.

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