Buoyant Air

Boyish Heir

Sorry I left you hanging there morning pages. I told you I was going to see my Army bois and there was just no telling what could have happened. First I have some house cleaning to do. I like writing this as if I’m speaking to a person so I said morning pages, that’s awkward so I think to say MP, at that point I say I should just pick a name, so Mary Poppins. Mary will be my morning pages, my wife, my spirituality. I hereby dedicate these writings to Mary. 

Moving backward to move on: my bois. Man I don’t even know where to begin, it’s honestly one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever had. It was a dream, that’s the only way I could explain it. I hope they’re doing ok. I think they think they’re doing ok and that’s all that matters. It was sort of a theme, saying, “You alright bro?” and responding, “Yeah, this is how I do, that cool?” and everyone was cool. It was great to talk to them about war, and Johnston has deployed since our time in Iraq, so he had a comparison. There is no way I could have understood the situation I was in when I was in Iraq, I still work to process it, but now that we have some distance and to be able to ask what they thought about a situation in Iraq was some of the best medicine I could have thought up. That’s the situation with everyone on Earth though, you gotta be honest with yourself and those you interact with, if they don’t want you around, don’t take it personal because trying to make them like you will only be worse. Great weekend, great guys, I wish them all the best and hope they reach out to me whenever they want for the rest of our lives.

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