My half full glass overfloweth

Pup and I jamming out

Another day, another plate of eggs. For record keeping, my scheduled breakfast is 85g of brussel sprouts, three eggs with four slices of ham and 28g of cheese, then a banana for dessert. I might be hanging out with some Army buddies tomorrow. In Iraq Johnston slept on the right side of me and Kent on the other side of him. I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun because that experience makes it so we can’t really have any secrets from each other. We were living on top each other and it’s not like we had anything besides our G.I. gear and each other. It’d be a bad sign if someone was keeping secrets, so it’s nice that I will be free around them, but I’m scared because I haven’t seen either of them in years. This anxiety is so weird because they’re people that I could not be more comfortable around, but there is an unknown until I see them I suppose. After the first insult is slung, I’ll know we’re good. My wife said something this morning about how we have friends in a variety of economic levels and I was watching this interview with Mike Tyson where he was saying that he came from so little and basically didn’t belong in the level he rose to. That not belonging is something I think everyone feels, but what I’ve felt with socioeconomic differences is that rules change. I hope I’ve adapted well because I don’t believe in rules, that allows me to do whatever I’m told. It’s those different rules that can make people around us feel like a different species. I’m not articulating this well, but your level is a habitat and your habitat is a part of the world that you live in. That means the rest of the world is one you visit less frequently, the very rich may never visit what it’s like to live with no money and vice versa. That means a limited view of the world and we make assumptions based on incomplete data.

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