Signs of Life

How much longer can we expect to hold out? Why do we even put up a fight? Maybe we don’t and I’m just making mountains out of mole hills, but riddle me this. What does a 4th dimensional being look like? And I don’t care about its appearance, I don’t care what its rules are, I want to know what it means. What’s this all about, and there’s only one question we’re all asking, what’s on the other side. Perhaps we spend our lives strengthening ourselves so that someday we’ll be able to look. Some people venture off before they’re prepared and get carried off. Is a human being raised by wolves our natural state? Pets help us stay grounded, we’re animals and can learn good lessons from them. A cat doesn’t know anything about how to behave at a cocktail party though. You’d need a master of ceremonies to teach a cat the Macarena.

Not much else is going on these days, just counting down the days till vacation, OH! I booked my flight to Philly and I’m going to be renting a convertible while I’m there. I’m hoping to have a fun day with my sister and nephew and I think a convertible is the perfect touch. Plus I don’t think I’ve ever driven one, if that’s true it’s gonna be an awesome trip. I’ll spend the whole time on the highway with the wind in my hair. Too bad it’s all gone, but I’m hoping to dye it blonde before then so there will be some fun images. As I was saying, waiting to board the plane. There’s a possibility we’ll have the plane to ourselves apparently. I also wrote my second painting letter today. I do paintings on a sheet of canvas and then write a letter on the back. The guy I’m sending it to is doing a couples vacation with us this year, so I’m sending him some other stuff for that. He was the one who asked if I was worried about that disease with traveling. It does make me think there will be an annoying level of costumes coming back, I’m sure they’ll ask some medical questions. Hopefully Mary’s background as a healer will get us through.

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