Two meals to mediate today’s movement

Back to my old classic, eggs and writing. I’m trying something a bit different today to try and stay on top of my diet, I’m cooking rice for lunch while I cook and eat my breakfast. In the past I’ve done meal prep where I cook a week’s worth of rice and pasta for lunch and dinner. I’ll work to get back to meal prep, but for now I have to get back in the habit of eating these foods. When I spend time away from my diet foods, I end up thinking they’re boring and I eat something more exciting, which tends to mean foods higher in refined sugar. I weighed myself in the afternoon yesterday and did not like what I saw. I usually weigh myself in the morning, so I did that today and the number was easier to swallow, but I will have to be vigilant. Making it through Winter without a new rubber tire is a success though and I’m not going to start an extreme diet on vacation. Still I am conscious that I need to do something and the sooner I start, the less drastic the maneuvers will have to be. As for today I’ve got a couple more errands to run before we leave. It’ll be good to get out of the house because today is supposed to have some warmth. I can’t get enough of that Sun baby. Well I say that now and in three months I’ll be hiding in the darkness, but that’s just life. I woke up feeling good today, maybe I’m on the upswing from all this socializing I’ve been doing lately. I keep wanting to make changes to my life, but right now is not the time. It’s hard to grasp that sometimes a person has to make changes and even though the changes have to be made, making them now instead of waiting would have a worse effect. It’s like I told my Army buddy Johnston, he’s going through a tough time, I told him he just has to stay out of trouble and put up with it, in time it will go away and he’ll breath easy again.

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