More on morons

Mary helped come up with that title. Today has started as an amazing day. First off I slept like a rock and woke up a little after 7:00 AM from my dog crying to be let out. We got to sleep in because my wife usually has surgeries today, but didn’t have any scheduled. After getting coffee and doing some reading in bed, I was off to painting. I didn’t expect to get any painting done today because I did it yesterday, all I wanted was to get some done before leaving. There was some stuff I didn’t finish from yesterday that I really should have, so it was stuck on my mind and today I alleviated my muse. Once the painting was done I went on a run with the dog, so he should be tired and I continued the battle of the belly. I think all that brings me to eating breakfast and writing this. I did managed to get this photo of a mushroom growing in my garden that looked pretty cool, it made me think that there’s a mushroom called “Death Caps” or maybe there isn’t, but if anything fits the name it’s these fellas.

Yesterday I opened up the door to my green house and removed the heater. The plants are now essentially on there own and we have about a week straight of rain to look forward to, so the plants I put in the ground a couple days ago have a good environment to get started in. I’m eager to return and Spring will be on way. First order of business then will be to take down the green house, and now that I’m thinking about it I’ve got a couple of grape vine cuttings I want to put in the ground for all this rain, here’s hoping I remember to do it.

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