I’ve taken 5 steps forward

Strawberry flowers

I watched a video of a guy who started development of his “Dream Game”. I made at least one video game in my time, so I have been down that road. He’s made a couple video games before, so he’s not out of his comfort zone. It’s also a pixel art game. My game was 3D. A third dimension means you’ve basically increased the work load of the game by 50%. I think there’s a good chance the guy will make a game, but it’s really a question of when do you walk away, because you can always add “one more thing”. Then I get into thinking that’s what my idea to buy land is. Starting a homestead is basically devoting my life to taking care of myself and not depending on anyone else. Surviving in the woods without sacrificing 21st century comforts. I would love to put up some sort of WiFi that covers acres of land. Today I started to think about being able to run speaker cables through every room while building it. I can have speakers in every room. The cool step from that is being able to switch sound in rooms by an app on your phone. Then I’d set up speakers on the farm so I can listen to music way in the fields. My friend Brad said something about a video he saw about a woman using a scyth and keeping up with a gas mower. We were talking about how mowing of lawns emits massive pollutants due to so many gas mowers, and there were statistics that the amount of fuel spilled in relation to lawn mowers out weighed those of oil companies in the oceans. If it requires maintenance, then it doesn’t belong in that environment, and if it’s as common as a front lawn then a lot of waste gets produced. I also consider getting sheep to eat the grass, especially if I could scyth it when the time comes.

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