Very Therapeutic

Mein, rough day on the farm. I spotted some birds beginning to nest on our rafters. Every year we can expect this nest to build a couple inches taller. Looks like today’s bachelors are deciding their fate. It’s beautiful to watch chicks grow on our front porch(enter Mathew Mcconaughey meme here). I try to teach Winnie(my dog) to see the birds and recognize them as friends. An idea I liked about having a farm was a farm cat, then I thought if I was working there very regularly, I could get a farm PARROT! Are you listening to me folks. An African Grey Parrot can live to be 50 years and can speak 100’s of words. My dog has a deep relationship with me and he can speak 0 words. Anyway these birds will build their nest and start their family. Hopefully turning to my garden to feed their young, and the well fed children will leave the nest. Here’s today’s rub, there will probably be five babies that were born from last year and still only one nest they could return to. Where are the other birds that couldn’t return home? I’m at my home and boi does that feel good. Obviously times are tough for the entire world and I know I’m a bit of a masochistic when it comes to survival, but there is no one I care for more than my wife. I’m having so much fun. Going through stressful situations with her has become our norm and it’s where our bonds were forged. We made it through residency which was figuratively hell. Residency sucked, no joke, and I didn’t even have to do anything, but watching my wife I thought, it probably felt a lot like basic training for the Army. Now in basic you had to do five pull ups to walk in the cafeteria and five dips when you walk out, but that was only for 15 weeks. Residency lasted three years. When I say that out loud I can’t believe we made it out. It’s like when I imagine my first Army contract as three years, I don’t know how I kept my poop together for that long. Boi after thinking about some of the rougher times of my life, I’m thankful for having so much right now. I’m gonna hug my wife. 

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