Good times are coming

Today, I bought 10 bags of top soil and stacked them on the side of my porch. My wife and I have been planning on a little gardening project in the front yard and today she got some good news, so I’m more hopeful that the project will be a lot of fun. I mean I already had fun today getting the bags of dirt. I don’t know if we’ll need this much dirt, but I have frequently run out of landscaping material half way through projects. I know I’ll use up any dirt eventually and it’s dirt cheap. HA! The farm humor is gonna be off the chain. I watched a video of a guy who did some logging humor and I’m so going to steal his joke some day. I’ll be the coolest guy in the sawmill. I thought about how I would go about building a second story building today. I need to read this house building book, it will probably teach me literally everything. There’s more a matter of in my head preparing vs. getting out and doing. I’ve got myself under some control, but everyday is a mystery for now. I’m going to revisit the site and look for a For Sale sign tomorrow. Then maybe April 2nd I’ll contact a realtor to view it. There are actually 3 listings on the same lot. I’ve been looking at the cheapest which is still six acres, but the listing shows a pond and a barn. I gotta know what’s available. I also thought today about getting pre-approved for the loan and then when I find the lot I want, I say, “I’ll take it.” The price I’m willing to pay in order to not talk to people is embarrassing, but if I take up a mortgage for a couple acres of grass and am allowed to do what I want. I think I’m getting the deal of a life time.

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