I snap my fingers

Tomorrow is April 1st, maybe I’ll think of some sort of prank, but I think there will be very bad news coming out tomorrow because a lot of people are not going to pay bills. I suppose nothing will happen of it tomorrow because it will be the end of the first and beginning of the second that companies will have anticipated that money and wont have what’s always been there. I’ve been a doomsday sayer in the past and now I try to be optimistic that everything always works out. I do think everything will work out, but if everyone who has a service job in NYC, NOLA, and Vegas don’t pay their bills, it will cause a strain on the country that translates to a lot of deaths. They’re not big news deaths because they’re the bottom of the food chain that goes first; the people who are already hanging on by a strand. Sorry that’s so sad, I just want to have it written down because if I’m right and for the right reasons, it’s nothing showy. Media instead puts on a show in one hand to distract from the other.

Alright enough of that trash. Maybe in a couple days I’ll talk to a realtor because after this crunch, people looking to sell land will become a little more desperate. Maybe they’ll take a price cut because they need the money. Before I do that though I need to figure out how to get a soil testing kit because when I go with a realtor, I’m going to want to take samples. I actually drove out to the property in the morning and then in the afternoon I prepared the flower beds that we’re gonna have in the front. I’m very tired and my back is sore. The best part is the feeling like you earned a chance to relax.

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