Wet Willy wielding a wicked one


I’ma say what I got to say. The spirit is rising, there may be obstacles to block the flow, but I’ll find a way. There’s a famous interview with Bruce Lee where he’s saying to be like water. If water is in a round cup, the water is round; it becomes the cup. After seeing the land, my wife wanted to consider buying land with a small house on it already and asked what she should look for in land. I told her I only need grass, but I was thinking that good advice I could give her is to imagine how water works on the land. I’m about to drop some knowledge for the world. Life needs water. Anytime a desire for life is considered, water should be taken into account. In the idea of a home and land, I’ll start with the broad strokes. Where is water coming from and where is it going? In my world, water either comes from the sky or the city tap. The city tap is a collection of water that once fell from the sky. The water falls from the sky and I would like to create a reliable clean way for it to get to me. Either I have to live down stream for the water for it to be carried to me or the water will be pumped. Pumping water requires energy, either physically moving a lever up and down or electric energy. When looking at land it would be nice to have high, middle and low points. Water can be collected at the top, it will be used in the middle and waste goes to the low point. Peaks, valleys, ridges, depressions, these were made by traveling water. The land is a map for us to read where water comes from and where it goes. We’ll save a lot of headaches by placing ourselves in the right spot.

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