So blah for slasa

We sold the car! Yesterday I got a new battery for the car and today we took it to some big box store and they bought it. We were offered more than we were expecting, so it was nice and easy. I’m extremely grateful for living a life that constantly makes me happy. The moneyContinue reading “So blah for slasa”

Self Timer

I got bubble tea today, and I only had to drive six hours to get it. I also went on a walk with my dog. It’s been surprisingly hard to walk at the beach. I understand that sidewalks would take away from precious beachfront realty, but if you build a society around one thing itContinue reading “Self Timer”

Wet Willy wielding a wicked one

I’ma say what I got to say. The spirit is rising, there may be obstacles to block the flow, but I’ll find a way. There’s a famous interview with Bruce Lee where he’s saying to be like water. If water is in a round cup, the water is round; it becomes the cup. After seeingContinue reading “Wet Willy wielding a wicked one”

Cheap Meat and Bird Words

Thank you Mary for today’s title. Today has been down right groovy. Although it did start off a little rough. After getting my wife’s breakfast ready, I fell back asleep and had a sleep paralysis dream. This is the second one I’ve had lately and it makes me feel like everyday I’m treading for waterContinue reading “Cheap Meat and Bird Words”

Good to see ya again

Today is going pretty well. I cooked up a pizza and will eat that, then I’ll have a lot more energy. I put my turnips in the ground. They had grown their first set of true leaves, so there’s a good chance some will survive, but I shouldn’t have put them all in the ground.Continue reading “Good to see ya again”