You found me

Fig tree coming back to life

Today will be interesting I’m sure. I’ve got a feeling, though no reason to have any feelings. I don’t have anything going on today. Yesterday was pretty good, I managed to do my diet yesterday. The word diet is a tricky one because there is a connection to a painful regime to accomplish something. I guess it is, but mostly I don’t trust myself to eat freely and regulate how much I eat. It’s easier to eat the same things everyday and never have to worry about it. My diet is also healthier than my normal foods, so when I’m dieting I can have more energy. I don’t always have more energy because I get stuck in the mind set that if a couple calories under is good, then a lot of calories under is better. Walking into my classic trap, I have a crash. Since I accomplished something I didn’t expect to yesterday and I can’t really do much in the world these days, I plan to take today pretty easy. I’ve got some gardening to do and I’d like to spray the house for bugs, but other than that my To Do List mostly interacts with society. Today will hopefully be a pretty good temperature, but I’m already pretty sneezy and with the recent rain I’m expecting allergies to hit me pretty hard. I suppose I should head to the garden now and maybe I can get my work done before too many flowers open up and dump their load of pollen on me. Today will be good though, just some good ol’ fashion self love. Who knows where my head will lead me, but I’m willing to walk the path. Now it’s time to face the day and start walking, I’ll be back tomorrow for more.

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