Start stabbing a starship with a Mars tip

This is a doggy donut

Today has been a lovely morning. Last night it started to rain, we slept with the curtains open so I could hear it better. When I woke up this morning it was still raining and I got to sleep in because Mary doesn’t have work today. The only way this morning could have been better would be if the windows were open and I was still warm. Mostly today I’ve just been watching the rain and walking among the plants. I did make some cinnamon rolls not too long ago that were really delicious and I’ll have to have another one soon before they get cold. I guess today is a day off in some sort so I will try to enjoy myself. A rainy day is pretty much always a day off for me anyway. I did order some rain-boots this morning for the day that I’ll be walking around on my farm in the rain, it’ll be great. I don’t know what else to write about, my morning coffee and that bun were so good that they’re the only things on my mind. I’ll try to tell you a little bit more about them. The coffee has a cocoa taste to it, for me that comes with a thick feeling in my mouth. When I was in grade school choir, I used to eat a piece of chocolate before a concert because I felt the coating protected my throat. Because chocolate feels thick, I like to combine it with milk. The combination for me is like a palate cleanser, but also a treat in itself. The cinnamon buns have icing on top that acts pretty well as a cleanser and cinnamon is always a welcome flavor. There’s also one of my favorite activities which is dumping donuts in my coffee. If the bun is ever too dry, I can dump it in the coffee which softens the bread while sweetening my coffee.

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